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We have been approached during the year by a number of people who have shown interest in joining Black Swan, either as dancers or musicians.

With this in mind, we will be holding four ‘taster’ sessions after our Day of Dance which is on 12th October in Carshalton.

Should you wish to join our taster sessions, they will be held on Monday evenings 8-10pm at 1st North Sutton Scout Hall (rear hall), Stayton Road, Sutton on the following dates 14th, 21st and 28th October and 4th November.

Prospective members should try to attend as many taster sessions as possible, hopefully at least three, after which you may be invited to train to join the team. Our usual practice evening is Mondays.

Unfortunately, Black Swan is not for everyone, but if you think that it might be for you – please do come along and see.

Why not come along to our Day of Dance and speak to one of the Black Swan officers – we’ll be more than happy to tell you all about what we do.

Or, alternatively, message us here or on Facebook.

Border Morris is great fun – why not give it a go?



Black Swan are a mixed gender team based in Carshalton Surrey. We chose our name to refer to the historic black swan breeding in Hackbridge.  We dance our interpretation of border morris, which originates from the English Welsh borders, and can be traced back to the 16th Century.


We can be seen dancing at various events during the year; festivals, community and or charity events, morris events, pubs and breweries, in fact we will consider dancing at most things, because we enjoy what we do.


The team was formed in 2013 with much support from Box Hill Bedlam Morris and Moonshine Border Morris (Isle of Wight) with whom we still have strong ties and dance with throughout the year.


We practise on a Monday evening at a Scout hall in Sutton. New members are always welcome, so if you’d like to give it a try, please get in touch.


If you have not seen Black Swan out and about in our purple and black tatter coats (purple being a reminder of the Lavender fields which have long been a feature in this area) or would like to see us more, have a look at our events listings or look us up on Facebook and see where we will be dancing soon.


If you are organising an event, and would like us to dance, please get in touch via our contact section.



Black Swan are proud to support Wallington Animal Rescue (WAR) and will be collecting for this cause at various events during the year.


We look forward to seeing you out and about.



The Squire.


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