Black Swan Morris

black swan

Black Swan are a mixed sex team based in Carshalton, Surrey, formed with the intention of having a good time, to perform and celebrate traditional festivals, and to dance out throughout the year.


Border Morris is a dance tradition from the English border counties of Hereford, Worcestershire and Shropshire whose roots can be traced back as far as the 16th century.


The tradition is characterised by its black faces or masks, tattered shirts or coats and the clashing of sticks whilst dancing.  Music is by Melodeon, Drum and other traditional instruments. Musicians are welcome at all times!


Dancer recruitment happens at the end of the season only. Sorry!



Carshalton is the home of the Straw Jack Festival, and it was following the September 2011 event that it was first mooted that, “What this village really needs is a Morris team”.  And so

September 2012..”What this village needs”

September 2013..”What this village needs”

October 2013”Let’s actually do something about this!”

And so, by November, Black Swan Border Morris came into being (we do things fast around here).


Many thanks to;

Colin, Liz, Cat and John.  Without your input, the drunken idea would never have reached fruition.


Rodger and everyone at The Hope, Carshalton, for your support in this venture and for putting up with us.


To anyone that I may have forgotten, my apologies!


And lastly: To the poor souls who believed me when I said it was easy, and foolishly signed up to dance!  Thank you for sticking with, and enjoying yourselves.  Told you it was fun!


The Squire